Published 14.06.2018
Sixty CEO, Kjetil Horneland, is coming to mcb tech .18 to give a talk on what the next generation of TV viewing experiences will look like.

What does the next generation of TV viewing experiences look like?
By Kjetil Horneland, CEO, Sixty

The digital industry is all about the attention economy and personalised experiences, where the end user is empowered to communicate with others taking part in the experience. Video content is being consumed on whatever device is available for the end user, and more and more content is tailor made for smaller screens. The broadcast industry on the other hand, is still producing it’s content as if most users consume it the way it has been done the last 30 years - It’s mostly optimised for the big screen, it’s a “one to everyone” communication with little or no possibility to personalise the live experience.

How should the TV experience be, in a future where the user want to consume TV on any device, and want to choose themselves if they want to lean back or engage with the broadcast?

Kjetil Horneland is a serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Sixty, a company specialising in interactive TV experiences. In the Nordics Sixty is well known as the company behind the services from Altibox, RiksTV, Canal Digital, TV2 and others. Sixty recently launched it's state of the art interactive TV platform with the NBA on their global video platform, NBA League Pass.

Kjetil plays many roles in addition to being the CEO, and often functions as a strategical advisor to the media industry, with a background in digital design and with more than 20 years of industry experience. Sixty's is based in Bergen, with offices also in Stavanger and Oslo. The company recently opened up it's new London office this year and is expanding to the US. Sixty's mission is to change how we all watch TV.

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