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Published 24.11.2017
Labcast is Deloitte Digital's brand new podcast from the Media Lab in Media City Bergen. The podcast will explore innovation, technology and creativity –  the main activities in the Media Lab.

Labcast is hosted by Deloitte's Siri Solheim Hegna Dai and Petter Idar Rolland Bruåsdal. Through monthly episodes the labcast will introduce listeners to a new world of technology and digital solutions. 

In short; the latest in technological innovations, heated discussions and surprising collaborations in the eco system that is Media City Bergen. The podcast is available on Soundcloud and iTunes

– We will be among the first to talk about the newest technology and digital solutions within Viztech, says Bruåsdal.

Deloitte's Siri Solheim Hegna Dal and Petter Idar Rolland Bruåsdal will give you the latest news from the Media Lab through Labcast. 

Co-host Siri Solheim Hegna Dal believes everyone that's interested in how technology affect the future, both on a private and professional level, will enjoy the podcast. 

– Both the lab and the podcast will be casual meeting places across companies and industries in the building. It will also be a platform for knowledge sharing and a place to exchange experiences, she says.

150 of Deloitte's employees will move into Media City Bergen next year. The company will also invest around NOK 5 million in the Media Lab. The goal is to collaborate with VizTech companies that can convey and apply large amounts of data in an efficient way.