Vizrt brings AR to election night

Published 12.09.2017
Election night is not only a hugely important event for the Norwegian people, it is also a chance for companies in the media cluster to shine.

During tonight’s election, Norway’s largest broadcasters, NRK and TV 2, will use augmented reality (AR) to present data and statistics in real time. The technology used by both broadcasters is delivered by Vizrt.

Vizrt brings real-time photo-realistic graphics to live production
By using Vizrt’s AR tools, one can combine immersive graphics with live data, placing virtual objects in the real world, in real-time. By doing this, the graphical elements will be linked to the studio so that it is perceived to be natural. This way, studio presenters can explain something immensely complex, in very short time, to a large amount of people. 

Chief technology officer in Vizrt, Petter Ole Jakobsen, is pleased that Vizrt’s solutions will be a part of the election night coverage. 

– We are very pleased with participating in the most important broadcasts in Norway. Both NRK and TV 2 use large parts of our solutions for production and visualization of election results throughout the night. The most noticeable on both channels will be the visualizations that are being made, Jakobsen says.

 CTO of Vizrt, Petter Ole Jakobsen 

Elections solutions
Vizrt is not a stranger to providing their solutions for election coverage. The technology company have a range of some of the largest international broadcasters on their client list. During the 2016 US election night, Vizrt provided tools to BBC, CNN, Fox News, and Al Arabiya, amongst others.

– Elections is something Vizrt thrives with. Combining powerful visualizations and real time data streams is what we do best. So even if you do not like the election result, you can still enjoy the visualization of these, Jakobsen says. 

A range of Vizrts’  elections solutions can be seen here. Video: Vizrt

Visualization and presentation using AR
Both TV 2 and NRK are getting ready for an election night filled with plenty of AR visualizations.
TV 2’s coverage starts at 8pm, where news anchor Kjetil H. Dale and his team will present the results as they come in.

– It has become somewhat of a tradition for TV 2 to use eye-opening graphics on election night. Using AR, we can make the numbers as clear and understandable as possible. The most important part will always be to visualize the drama as it happens. Numbers are key here, and on election night they are as important as goals in a football match, Dale says.  

NRK’s coverage starts at 6pm. Project leader for NRK’s election coverage, Aksel Helgheim, says much of the focus will lie on AR. 

– Tonight, we are going all in on AR, which is an excellent tool for describing the suspense through numbers, in real time. This technology will give our viewers a journey through the election universe. I recommend people to visit NRK Beta to read more about how NRK plan to use AR in the coverage, says Helgheim, referring to this in-depth article.