Org. number 967343943

Architecture for Real Time Processing:

  • Licensed design for live, real time, fast and cost efficient manual and robotic, automated processes for content management systems and live databases for customer interaction including purchase, payment and location based services with the designs Connected League Design and Real Time Synchronization System.

  • Collaboration with customers, suppliers and partners to define, design, develop, and operate digital platform for media and venues/leagues.

  • Development of business basis, integrations, including start-up, commissioning, testing and operation for i.e leagues, venues, clubs.

  • Define the right technology solutions for creating the optimal, valuable live touch points between users-fans, experience/content, partners and create willingness and joy for spending money is our focus spot. Villmark prefer to be, and they are mostly, engaged in long term cooperation and development.

Project Management and Consultancy:

  • Villmark are specialized in defining and developing of requirements, designing, set up architecture and run management for advanced digital platforms for capitalization and live experience.

  • Their core competence is related to technology that helps an owner of content, events and customers / fans to capitalize and create good experience.

  • Villmark works with the largest sports organizations and media players in the Nordics to bring out content and interact with customers/fans.

  • Villmark provide technical advisory, project managing and runs management for the owner of: content, venue, customer /fan-owner.

  • Their passion is for technical analysis, strategy, planning and practice and in the area where IT, media and network meets.

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