Erica Orange, The Digital Dragon, and Just Add Ai to mcb tech .18

Published 30.04.2018
Technology expert and futurist Erica Orange will be on stage at mcb tech .18, June 21-22. She will be joining a stellar lineup of international speakers for the inaugural media and finance technology conference in Bergen. The other confirmed speakers are Digital Dragon, discussing the second wave of innovation, and demonstrating how a German Bundesliga uses AI in scouting.

Erica Orange makes you think in ways you never have before. She evaluates the global trends that are shaping the landscape today, and identifies the strategic implications (the “So what?”) that you need to be aware of. How can you think differently about the future? How can you put change in context so that you can better deal with it – and profit from it?

Erica is the EVP & COO of world leading Future Hunters, and on her client list we find several of the most influential Fortune 500 companies. For the first time, Erica will be on a Bergen tech stage. Read more 

Scouting for Bundesliga using AI
How can you use AI to unlock human talent?

Meet Roland Becker. A passionate and skilled engineer and entrepreneur, with a special talent for AI and deep learning. Roland had the somewhat crazy idea that the German Bundesliga, one of the most competitive leagues in the world, could benefit from using AI both to find and analyze new players – to find the best talents. Roland is the Founder and CEO of Just Add AI. On mcb tech .18 you will hear this amazing story, and learn how AI can change your focus, give you unique and valuable business insight and transform the way you work. Read more

Time to Look East
There is a second wave of innovation rising and it will affect us all. Only this time it’s not Silicon Valley. From the world's largest internet population, a new world order has been created. Digital China has outgrown the rest of the world and has become the only real competitor to Silicon Valley. It is a Digital Dragon.

But what can we learn from studying the world's largest digital population and its services and companies? How are we affected going forward? At mcb tech .18 you will meet Tom Xiong, the founder of Move Shanghai, and Jacob Lovén, Head of Innovation at OMD, one of Sweden's largest media agencies, responsible to help large brands accelerate their digital transformation. Technology from the East and specifically China is overtaking Silicon Valley and will impact the rest of the world. Lovén and Xiong brings you up to speed on extreme digital development, future user behavior and global tech competition in the world's most important digital market. Read more

Let us amaze you
The breathtaking and jawdropping. The funny and entertaining. The unexpected and the surprising. Anything can happen.

Using the technologies from the Media and Fintech cluster, artificial intelligent, augmented reality, data, visual effects and so on, you are in for surprises - small and big - throughout the whole conference.