Ketil Moland Olsen is the Media Cluster Ambassador of the Year

Published 18.12.2019
– The Media Cluster as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts, said the Media Cluster Ambassador of the Year 2019, Ketil Moland Olsen.

Vimond's Ketil Moland Olsen was given the award at NCE Media’s annual Christmas party for members and partners of the Media Cluster. In 2019, Moland Olsen has spent countless hours working for the cluster community, and had key roles in a wide range of cluster activities, such as recruitment of new members, organizing events, connecting companies and people. And much, much more.  

In his acceptance speech, Moland Olsen focused on the collective force of the cluster. 

– The Media Cluster as a whole is greater than the sum of it parts, Moland Olsen said, before giving an example of the cluster's growing stature abroad. 

– A couple of weeks ago I was meeting a potential customer in Australia. Upon informing them about our headquarters in Bergen, the customer immediately followed up with: "So, are you part of the Media Cluster? All the interesting companies seem to be!". And this is not a unique story - there are many examples like this one. The Media Cluster has made its mark globally, Moland Olsen explained.

Moland Olsen also heaped praise on his colleagues on the NCE Media Advisory Board, as well as his employer, Vimond Media Solutions.

– I want to thank you for letting me contribute together with my skilled colleagues on the Advisory Board, and I would also like to extend thanks the world's best employer, Vimond, for understanding the importance of contributing to the community. 

Ambassador of the Year: Ketil Moland Olsen (Vimond)

Recap of 2019 – what has been
True to the tradition the guests were treated to a recap of the year, and 2019 were filled with activities and new projects, initiatives, international recognition, and innovation funding. Some key figures and facts from 2019:

  • 81% of member companies launched innovations
  • 44% of member companies received innovation funding
  • 241 new jobs created in the Media Cluster
  • 150+ delegations visited NCE Media and the Media Cluster
  • 90+ events hosted in the Media Lab
  • 100+ members and partners in the Media Cluster
  • Inside of the cluster, new companies are established at twice the rate compared to outside of the cluster, and within the Norwegian media industry. 
  • 75% higher value creation in the Cluster

This year the Media Cluster also launched a Cognitive Center in Bergen, joining forces with other industry clusters and partners in the region. Furthermore, the Media Cluster have been awarded 17MNOK in EU funding for Artificial Intelligence to help scale companies that are using AI to solve challenges in the media. In June, Future Week, with 50+ events over 4 days was organized at Media City Bergen, including the one-day conference mcb tech. Together with NHH Executive, NCE Media have initiated and developed Innovation Leadership, a competence program for leaders and innovation managers in cluster companies. The Media City Bergen Journalism Lab (JoLab) has been developed together with the Norwegian media industry, with the aim to increase media innovation and build competence for the newsroom of the future. And last, but not least: The MCB Pavilion was set up at IBC for the second year running, with 13 companies joining forces at the joint Cluster stand. 

– All these projects are made possible due to the enormous contributions from our members, said Anne Jacobsen, CEO of the Media Cluster.

– The NCE Media Christmas Special is a great occasion to highlight and reward some of the cluster's most enthusiastic and inspirational people, who volunteer countless hours to promote cooperation and innovation in the cluster. The NCE Media team is extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with so many fantastic people and companies, Jacobsen explained. 


Scroll down to see all the recipients of this year's cluster awards! 

Networker of the Year: NCE Media avd. Stavanger

Felix Laate
received the Networker Award on behalf of NCE Media Stavanger, a cluster satellite that was launched earlier this year. Laate has been part of a local team that have been working tirelessly and steadily to organize this operation, and to grow the network between the companies in Stavanger and the cluster HQ in Bergen. The Stavanger satellite does not only provide great opportunities for the environment in Stavanger, but benefits the entire Media Cluster. 

Enthusiast of the Year: Keith Mellingen (Rainfall)

Awarded to Keith Mellingen for his enthusiasm, involvement and all-around positivity in the Media Cluster. Enthusiasm is a treasured currency which takes the Cluster and NCE Media far, and Keith has this in abundance.  

Media Cluster Navigator of the Year: The "SFI Project" - Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen

The Master of Cluster Navigation himself, Christoph Trattner (UiB), received the award on behalf of The Department of Information and Media Sciences, University of Bergen. The University is a driving force for collaboration in the cluster and has truly taken collaboration to a whole new level in 2019. The University has shown tremendous effort and endeavor to submit an application for the SFI (Centre for Research-based Innovation) to the Norwegian Research Council, with the objective of enhancing the ability of the industry to innovate and create value through a greater focus on long-term research.
The application includes many of the cluster members, as well as huge national and international networks.

Media Cluster Good Helper of the Year: Are Tverberg (TV 2)

Are Tverberg
 received this award for extraordinary efforts on behalf of the cluster. Are opens doors and is always helping the cluster reach its goals. Through his record attendance at cluster events, Are has significantly assisted with some of the largest applications and projects, including having a key role in establishing one of the most important AI projects for the cluster.

Media Cluster Thumbs Up Award: Steinar Søreide (Mjoll)

Steinar Søreide
received the award for his untiring effort for the community, great involvement, and a fundamental yes attitude. Steinar has put in a tremendous amount of Industry Hours for the Cluster Community, and is eager to participate in workshops, collaboration projects and events. He has worked in several of the cluster companies, is well respected in the cluster community, and have recently launched his own startup. No matter how busy he is, Steinar is always a THUMBS UP person. 

See you next year!
NCE Media would like to thank every member, partner and contributor in the Cluster for good help throughout the year, and would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you all in 2020! 

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