- A different and unique conference


Published 10.12.2018
- We are proud to launch mcb tech .19, with a stellar lineup of world class speakers, says Anne Jacobsen (CEO, NCE Media) and Atle Sivertsen (CEO, NCE Finance Innovation)

mcb tech.19 is the future-focused conference for C-Level executives from all businesses. High-performing leaders today need new skills and expertise, as well as adapting a digital mindset, new strategies and a radical new approach to product development.

- Therefore, at the mcb tech conference you will only find future focused and inspiring talks and topics, that will give new perspectives on how to strategize and grow your future business, the two CEOs explain.

– And its important to note that this is not only a media/finance-conference. All industries face major challenges where the need for new business models, strategy and adapting to digital solutions is important.

Furthermore, the conference has a strong focus on new technology, even utilizing the clusters own AI, AR/VR and robotic solutions in the new high tech auditorium Atlantis in Media City Bergen.

– We can promise a quite unique staging, giving the audience both surprises and ´wow-moments´ along the way, promises Anne and Atle.

- This conference has a specially strong focus on new technology as a key driver in all business today, providing both new opportunities and challenges. You need to be future ready.

In the weeks to come the two CEOs will also be talking to different potential partners.

- We are looking to identify a few, good partners, who will be interested in strengthening and building this conference with us going ahead. We are specifically looking for those who will want to be part of establishing a strong environment for future-focused, cross-sector technology and business models. We have already initiated dialogue with a few key players, but are very interested in getting in touch with more of you.

mcb tech .19 is a joint initiative between the Norwegian Media Cluster (NCE Media) and The Norwegian Fintech Cluster (NCE Finance Innovation). Mcb tech is organized for the second time, after a successful inaugural conference in the summer of 2018.