NCE Media – the National Media Innovation Engine

Published 10.01.2015
The Norwegian Media Cluster has been awarded a Centre of Expertise status from Innovation Norway, and has its own cluster organization, NCE Media (Norwegian Center of Expertise in Media). In an era where change and innovation are key for business, the Norwegian Media Cluster is a success story.

The Norwegian Media Cluster qualifies as one of 14 national Industry Clusters under the government supported program Norwegian Innovation Clusters, and NCE Media is the only one within media- and media technology in Norway. The program aims to trigger and enhance collaborative development activities in clusters and to increase the individual company's innovativeness and competitiveness.

NCE Media is the innovation engine for the more than hundred cluster members. NCE Media have members all across Norway, and a subsidiary in Stavanger. Further more NCE Media has its own Cluster Organization with six full time employees that actively work to enhance activity in the cluster and facilitate innovation processes among members, as well as programs for ­partners and sponsors. The Cluster Organization is located in the Media Lab in Media City Bergen™ (top floor, south tower), and runs the Media Lab as well as other innovation projects and activities in the Media Cluster.

World Leader

The Norwegian Media Cluster is a world ­leader in ­augmented ­reality, graphics, visuali­zation, ­digitalization, broadcast, tele­vision technology and tools for digital storytelling. The cluster has evolved into an exciting international environment with Vizrt, VimondMediability, the TV broadcasters TV2NRK, the newspapers Bergens TidendeBA, MyrezeHighsoftSixty and The University of Bergen (Dept. of Information Science and Media Studies) as key players. 

The cluster in total counts more than 100 companies, with six major universities and research facilities among its members. This is a highly successful environment. Fueled by a unique way of working together, combined with the best tools, more than 80 percent of cluster members launch innovations every single year. The Norwegian Media Cluster enjoys an innovation ecosystem that works extremely well, with a high degree of joint innovation projects and high innovation speed.

Digital transformation
The Media Cluster is also of increasing interest to other players that are perhaps not your typical media companies. These companies also wants to take part in the Cluster and have a proximity to its competence within innovation, digitization, communication, business models and general media development, something most industries must now incorporate.

Media City Bergen, the Media Cluster HQ.

Our HQ, Media City Bergen (MCB) in the City Center of Bergen, is available for all cluster members, not only those located here. In Media City Bergen members can hold their meetings and events, participate in a wealth of different activities and use the state-of-the-art MCB Media Lab, for innovation projects, research, workshops or product development alongside other members in the cluster. 

We are hosting a number of seminars, demos, workshops and social gatherings in the Media Lab throughout the year.

NCE Media's main task is to ensure the best possible conditions for the Media Cluster innovation power. NCE Media is also responsible for, and runs, the Media Lab - The media cluster hot spot. NCE Media organizes a wealth of seminars, courses, workshops, study trips and conferences year round.

The purpose of these events is both to facilitate more and better cooperation between the players, but also to contribute to competence raising and keeping up-to-date in the field. Some of the most popular events are Show&Tell, the cluster's informal networking arena where you can meet people and keep up-to-date on the Media Cluster's latest news at the same time.

Breakfast seminar in the Media Lab Showroom

The Media Lab is a place where the industry can meet research and educational institutions. The University of Bergen, BI Norwegian Business School, the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and Christian Michelsen Research are all active in the Media Cluster.

NCE Media stimulates and contributes to specific development projects between different players in the cluster and R&D environments. It is our expressed goal to establish a joint center for research driven innovation in the cluster, with and for the members, and to contribute to strong growth in project funding from regional research funds, the Research Council of Norway and EU framework programs.

NCE Media also has a good overview of public funding agencies and provides specific assistance in relation to designing and adapting cluster members' project applications. Funding from e.g. the Research Council of Norway or Innovation Norway is often proportionate to the companies' activity in the cluster. We regularly hold seminars where we can assist member companies with project funding.  

We know all our companies well and we continuously work to make connections, bring new and old partners together, and establish joint projects. 

2018 was a successful year for the Media Cluster. 

NCE Media prioritizes internationalization for cluster members through increased sharing and cooperation in international networks. On arenas such as NAB, IBC etc., we work to provide exhibition and marketing opportunities for our members. NCE Media organizes the MCB Village at IBC every year. 

The Media Lab has a dedicated program for internationalization, and we take advantage of the global network from Innovation Norway. We also have a close collaboration with Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator i NYC (ERA), as well as other, global innovation hubs and accelerator programs.

As part of the work on internationalization, delegations and study trips are also organized for cluster members.

In 2018, we brought a delegation from the Media Cluster for a study tour to IBC in Amsterdam, and we also organized a study tour to New York during mid term elections. 

NCE Media is responsible for the adaption and resources necessary for innovation and cooperation in the cluster, as well as offering services that contribute to increasing innovation and value creation in the cluster companies. We have a long term relationship and collaboration with Justin Ferrell, a world leader on Design Thinking. Every year, Ferrell is visiting the cluster to do coaching and run workshops with cluster members - a clear highlight.

Design Thinking specialist Justin Ferrell on one of his yearly workshops in Bergen

We also have a huge international network that enables us to attract top competence, coaches and speakers on business development, innovation and methodology.

Our tool box is further strengthened through the Media Lab partners, DeloitteDigital, IBM og Sparebanken Vest. Through this collaboration our members are offered targeted workshops (e.g. IBM Watson Bluemix Labs) or help to run their innovation workshops or hackathons in the media lab.

IBM Watson & Cloud Workshop in the Media Lab

The Media Cluster has its own incubator for startups, also located in MCB. This is run by VIS Innovation together with NCE Media, and has of 2019 10-12 startups in their incubation program.

There are several other industry clusters and innovation environments in Norway that work on technology related to the media cluster. We work closely with these and ensure that our members can reap the benefits of this. Cooperating with such environments drives ­innovation in the Media Cluster companies and opens brand new markets and opportunities. The Media Cluster also develops so called Enabling Technologies, especially within information and communication. These are products and solutions also used in other sectors, e.g. health, the environment, energy, seafood, oil and marine industries.

Speed date between NCE Media and Marine CleanTech. 

In 2019, NCE Media is working together with the NCE Finance Cluster to organize the conference mcb tech. Mcb tech .19 was organized for the second time in June 2019, after a successful inaugural conference in the summer of 2018. Read more here

Keynote speaker at mcb tech .19: Marty Cagan, author of bestselling book "INSPIRED: How To Create Tech Products Customers Love" and founder of Silicon Valley Product Group. 

As a member of the Media Cluster you’ll get access to all services and deliveries provided by NCE Media, and full access to Media City Bergen Media Lab.