Internships & Trainee Positions

Published 17.03.2017
Are you interested in trainee/internships in the Media Cluster? Check out the different opportunities here.

For students     

Internships through Academic Institutions 

University of Bergen (UIB)
The University of Bergen is a founding partner of Media City Bergen and the Department of Information Science and Media Studies (InfoMedia) represents the University in the Media Cluster. The Department offers three bachelor's programs and three master's programs within journalism, TV production, and media and interaction design, as well as PhD's. Through several of these studies, students have the opportunity to have internships at Media Cluster member companies. InfoMedia collaborates with several of the leading technology companies in the cluster within education, research, and innovation, which gives students a unique experience and closeness to the industry.

Western Norway University College of Applied Sciences (HVL)
The master's program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the master's program in Innovation and Management at HVL offers internships through their courses. The companies available for internships differ from year to year, and some member companies in the Media Cluster usually offer internships for these students. Since 2018 the Media Cluster itself has had two interns each year through this internship program.

BI Norwegian Business School
With a BI internship, you will work at a company with tasks relevant to your program during your studies. Internships are available for most students at BI who are taking a bachelor's or master's full-time. For bachelor students, this means going to work a few days a week, while master students work full-time in a given period. For your internship, you contact a company of your own choosing and apply by sending a cover letter and a resume directly to the company. This opens the opportunity to have your internship at the Media Cluster itself or its member companies. The Media Cluster had their most recent intern from BI in the fall 2020, from the master's program in Leadership and Change.

NHH Norwegian School of Economics The courses are offered as part of the BSc and MSc in Economics and Business Administration, and the MSc in Accounting and Auditing. Each course consists of an internship (worth 5 ECTS) integrated in theoretical course work (worth 2,5 ECTS).

The bachelor course consists of a theoretical module, a reflection blog and an final report. The material concentrates on the experience of working internationally, and which learnings are to be had from the experience.

In the master course the theoretical module is divided into two parts; intercultural teamwork and the workings of economics/business administration theories in practice.

Internships at NRK

NRK offers several different internships at their different departments.

  • NRK Nynorsk Media center, located in Førde, accepts five students each quarter for a sixth-month internship. During this internship, the journalist trainees get training in web, radio, television, and social media.
  • NRK offers approximately 50 internships each year spread across its many district offices. Students can get in touch with the relevant district offices if they want to apply for one of these internships, one of which is located in Media City Bergen. 
  • NRK Marienlyst offers approximately 110 internships for students from various media educations.

More information about the internship opportunities at NRK can be found here.

Internship at NCE Media

Each year NCE Media accepts students from different academic institutions for an internship in the Media Cluster organization. NCE Media is a small organization where everyone does everything. In order to get a good overview of the clusters work, and get to know the arenas for knowledge sharing and innovation, the students must be willing to step in where it is needed. This can include: practical work related to events, web development/content development/newsletter/calendar/year cycle, contact with members for many different purposes, contribute to gaining insight for different areas, concept development for activities in the media lab.

Read about our previous interns and their experiences here:

Contact NCE Media at [email protected] if you have any questions about internship opportunities in the Media Cluster organization.

Trainee Vest

Bergens Næringsråd has an annual trainee program, Trainee Vest, in collaboration with a wide range of companies, including several member companies from the Media Cluster. The companies that participate in the program vary each year, and in 2019/2020 the Media Cluster member companies participating in the program were Sparebanken Vest, NHH, BKK, HVL, BI, Fana Sparebank, UIB, Knowit, and Bergens Tidende. 

The Trainee Vest program includes a wide range of positions within several fields of study. A trainee position through the program offers new skills, new challenges, networks in the business world, and great experiences throughout the year for their trainees. The program is targeted towards bachelor's and master's graduates with less than three years of experience after completing their studies. The trainee positions for the following autumn are announced at the end of January each year. 

More information about the trainee program can be found here.


Lyse is a company where good ideas become a reality - well helped by new heads whether it is a summer job, apprenticeship, trainee, graduates or internship. Challenging tasks await in areas such as smart solutions, renewable energy and fiber. The values ​​Lyse creates benefit the inhabitants of all their 14 owner municipalities! Read more about the possibilities in Lyse